Salmon Fishing

There are four different types of fishing in Alaska:  Commercial Fishing, Sport Fishing, Subsistence Fishing, and Personal Use Fishing.  More than fifty percent of all Alaskans fish for sport or personal use.  In addition, many families earn a living by equipping, housing, and guiding visiting sport fishers.

Alaska Salmon Sport Fishing

Commercial Fishing
Commercial fishing involves the harvesting for fish for sale.  Each year, commercial fishermen catch as many as one hundred and forty to one hundred and eighty million salmon in Alaska.  The annual harvest includes eight hundred thousand King Chinook salmon, forty million Red Sockeye salmon, five million Silver Coho salmon, twenty five million Chum Keta salmon, and over one hundred million Pink Humpback salmon.

Sport Fishing
Sport Fishing involves fishing for recreation and/or harvest.

Subsistence Fishing
Subsistence Fishing is the collection of fish for personal and family consumption as well as barter or trade by rural residents of Alaska.  More than 15,000 families throughout Alaska harvest salmon for subsistence.

Personal Use Fishing
Personal Use Fishing is the collection of fish for personal and family use by residents of Alaska.