Types of Salmon

Alaska is home to a wide variety of wild Pacific Alaskan salmon.

King Chinook Salmon

Silver Coho Salmon

Red Sockeye Salmon

Pink Humpback Salmon

Chum Keta Salmon


  • Anadromous – A fish that spawns in fresh water but lives the majority of their lives in saltwater.
  • Salmonid – Family of fish that includes salmon, trout, and whitefish.
  • Alevin – A salmonid that has hatched from the egg, but the egg sac is still attached. The egg sac provides nourishment until the salmonid is able to catch food.
  • Fry – The name for a juvenile salmon that has absorbed its egg sac and is rearing in the stream.
  • Kype – The hooked jaw many male salmon develop during spawning
  • Parr – A large juvenile salmonid, sometimes called a fingerling, during this stage between a fry and a smolt.
  • Smolt – A juvenile salmonid that will soon enter the ocean. During this stage, the fish changes from the camouflage spots to a sliver chrome color.
  • Substrate – Material such as rocks and gravel that make up a stream bottom.